Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never used discord before. Will I be able to figure it out?

Many people are new to discord. It’s simply a chatroom software. We have tutorials that walk you through how to get set up and also how each part of the chat room works.

Is there a way for me to get alerts when people post new trades?

Discord gives you the ability to turn on and off alerts. You can enable discord alerts that notify you every time there is a new post in the chat room. Many times, that post will be a trading opportunity.

I’m new to trading. Will I be able to follow your trading course?

That’s certainly what we’re aiming for! Each person learns in a different way and different aptitudes, so we can’t guarantee you’ll be able to learn how to trade in the stock market. But we have carefully selected trading experts to teach the foundational aspects of how to get started with trading in the stock market.

Do your trading courses provide entry and exit details for trading strategies?

Yep, many of them sure do. We wanted tutorials that could offer actionable insights for traders, and to be able to take action when learning a new trading strategy, you need to have specifics on when to enter and exit the position. So you can expect that from many of our trading strategy tutorials videos.

Do I get the trading alerts to my phone or email or somewhere else?

It depends how you use the chatroom software. If you use it on your phone, you’ll get trading alerts to your phone. If you use it on your computer, the alerts will make an audible sound on your computer.