Trading Discord

We offer a trading discord server where you can get real-time trade ideas and talk with others about trading strategies.

Find Trading Opportunities

In our discord server at Trading Chat Room, one of the biggest values is getting alerted to trading opportunities in real time. Many members post their trades in the discord, which allows you to check out their trade idea and consider following it yourself.

Our trading discord also features custom bots that find stocks with popular chart patterns (such as upward channels, ranges, “Head and Shoulders”, and “Double Bottom”). We also have a market news feed and we send alerts when companies are about to report earnings.

Specialized Trading Discords

Our trading discord has a lot of specialized channels so that it caters to a wide audience of traders. Here are some of the segments we specialize in:

Stock Trading Discord

Our stock trading discord caters just to those who are trading stocks. Members discuss trades on stocks ranging from major ones like Apple and Tesla all the way to penny stocks. A lot of people specify entry prices, profit targets, and stop losses when they post stock trading ideas.

Options Trading Discord

Our options trading discord caters to all sorts of options traders. Whether you like to buy simple call options or do more advanced options setups, our options discord channel is the place for you. Typically trades will indicate the strike price and expiration date of any option trades they post.

Futures Trading Discord

If you prefer to use futures as your trading vehicle, then you might enjoy our futures discord channel. You’ll get trade ideas on everything from E-minis to oil to gold. It’s also a great channel for talking about futures trading strategies.

Day Trading Discord

The day trading discord at Trading Chat Room is a fun one if you’re looking for an action-packed trading day. The trade ideas are time sensitive and the opportunities for profit fall in a narrow window of opportunity. Day trading might be one of the trading types that benefits most from the alert-based chat interface that discord offers.

Swing Trading Discord

If swing trading is your preferred method of trading, you should find a nice community here. Our swing trading discord channel is focused on trades that last a few days to a few weeks. There have been some big winners in our group of swing traders, and we’re hoping that translates to profitability for new subscribers.

Our Custom Discord Bots at Trading Chat Room

Trading Courses

If you sign up for Trading Chat Room, not only will you get access to our trading discord server, but you’ll also get access to our trading courses. We put together tutorials from a variety of different stock market experts to offer educational courses that correspond with each of the discord channels specified above.

So whether you’re a beginner looking to get started or a trading vet looking to learn new strategies, you’ll have full access to all the course content we put together once you sign up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never used discord before. Will I be able to figure it out?

Many people are new to discord. It’s simply a chatroom software. We have tutorials that walk you through how to get set up and also how each part of the chat room works.

Is there a way for me to get alerts when people post new trades?

Discord gives you the ability to turn on and off alerts. You can enable discord alerts that notify you every time there is a new post in the chat room. Many times, that post will be a trading opportunity.